If you have never had a Maine Ocean Clam then now is your opportunity to experience this high quality sustainable shellfish TODAY!

We will pack up one of the following three optional sample packs below.

Then discretely ship to you Fed-Ex overnight to your business location for sampling.

Prior to sampling please contact

Adam K. Robinson
Creator of Maine Ocean Clam Products 
Sales & Marketing Rep. 
EMAIL - [email protected]
Phone # 1-207-497-2261 

Ocean Clam Live Shellfish Sample Pack 1

Ocean Clam Sample Pack 1 consist of 4 x 12 ct. clams either Middles or Littles

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Ocean Clam Shucked Meats Sample Pack 2

Ocean Clam Sample Pack 2 consist of 6 x 5 oz Fresh Shucked Ocean Clams

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Frozen IQF Ocean Fryer Clam Sample Pack 3

Ocean Clam Sample Pack 3 consist of 6 x 4 oz. Frozen IQF
Pre-Battered Fryer Clams

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