Island Made Ocean Clams

The Island Made Ocean Clam (Arctica Islandica), harvested off-shore in the icy cold waters off Beal’s Island Maine, has been consistently growing In popularity as the demand for high quality, nutritious, wild grown foods continues to skyrocket.

Providing a rich, clean, ocean flavor the Island Made Ocean Clams are gaining a solid reputation for a top-quality dining experience among even the most discerning seafood & clam lovers. Premium quality and highly sustainable, the Island Made Ocean Clam is harvested from our local cold nutrient rich waters.

This clam thrives approximately 5 to 12 miles off shore in depths of 240 to 450 feet or more. This is a very significant point of value for those who are concerned about eating foods free from many potential hazards that impact the inshore Hard Clams such as red tide, freshwater runoff and typical coastal environmental contaminants which can cause harmful health effects.

In addition, our product comes with quality control measures to ensure all aspects from harvest to sale is unmatched in the current Industry. Utilizing our own harvesting vessels and our on shore holding capacity we have the capability to harvest as much product as need to meet the demand of our customer partners all year long, even in periods of harsh weather.

A true Harvest to plate state of the art tracking system. From the deep icy cold waters of Maine we can pinpoint and track the exact location this product was harvested daily, then once it lands at our dock we load our product into temperature controlled and track monitored refrigerated trucks. Our product then ships directly to our facility where it is placed into UV Purified Seawater allowing the clams to release any residue they may have been holding while they continue to feed and thrive in their nutrient dense natural environment.

Unlike top-water suspension cages our purification process eliminates the 3 main concerns for most buyers.

1. Contamination
2. Temperature Control
3. Grit/Sand

Utilizing Chilled Purified Seawater holding technology provides A.C.Inc the ability to control these negative effects and to store up inventory in preparation for both high order demand periods as well as winter weather conditions that can restrict harvesting Both at sea and inshore; all the while keeping the clams in their natural ocean environment.

Ocean Clams can live and thrive indefinitely in our Purified Seawater Systems without reducing quality or shelf life.  As the closest relative to the East Coast Hard Clam (Mercenaria mercenaria) the Island Made Ocean Clam can be used interchangeably with the Hard Clam and is most abundant in the Middle-neck size typically 6 – 8 clams per lb.

These clams perform well in all types of preparations, whether you prefer your clams raw, steamed, grilled or fried these little ocean beauties rank among the best. Island Made Ocean Clams from A.C.Inc are free from the issues associated with aqua-culture clams and are never depurated ensuring you receive an all-natural, unmatched wild caught Maine clam experience. As a leading harvester of Wild Clams and other various seafood products in the Down-East Region of Maine, we have unmatched capabilities for harvesting, holding and processing the Island Made Ocean Clams.

A.C.Inc Island Made Ocean Clams are 100% Premium Clams, all the time, every time! Every single clam is cleaned and inspected by hand providing you and your customers perfectly sized, defect free clams.

premium quality clams are what you can expect in every bag of clams from A.C. Inc. It is who we are and what we do, providing the absolute best quality products so that you can be the best in your market.