The First Maine Ocean Clam

Re-marketing 70 years of Clam History 

Below is  timeline showing the major changes and growth while marketing this new item.

July 2017

Maine Ocean Clams Were Founded

Date of  07/19/2017 First Ocean Clam shucking operation was approved by Maine State DMR and ready for production in Cutler, ME.   The operation was small only 3 people were processing and myself but end goal was gigantic.

September 2017

First Fresh Shucked Ocean Clam Deliveries Are Made Direct To Restaurant

Fresh Shucked Ocean Clams quickly became a favorite to restaurant owners in Maine.  16 Gallons in total first sales and grew much more within the weeks to come.

October 2017

Ocean Clams Land In OHIO STATE

Through vigorous marketing I caught the attention of the Ohio Market greatly in need of a reliable clam product they can rely on in times of need.


Ocean Clams & Island Made Join Forces 

Ocean Clams quickly grew and moved towards a new direction.  This change was Island Made of
A. C. Inc. Located on Beals Island, Maine.  The products vision was now much farther and future very bright.  With up to 48,000 lbs. of wet storage capacity and 8 - 10 skilled processing personnel the product line was ready for major growth and marketing.


Island Made Ocean Clams Begin!

First Maine Ocean Clams sold in Pennsylvania & New Jersey


Island Made Ocean Clams Continue to GROW

Maine Ocean Clams land in New York & Florida.



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